About Us

Randalene Sergent, trademarked inventor and owner of Infinite Serum ®, began her quest to invent at an early age with the influence of her grandfather. When asked how she forged her path in innovation, she recounts, “I worked with my grandpa in the woodshop...I always wanted to build, invent, and create to make things easier around the house.” From a young age, finding a consumer need and fulfilling it has been the lens through which Sergent views the world.

Adapting to the Mojave desert climate left Sergent searching for skin solutions for adult acne and dry skin. With years of research, beta testing, and application of constructive feedback from trusted doctors and nurses, Sergent found the perfect formula for the Infinite Serum™. Composed of three simple ingredients: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and water, Infinite Serum ® was the answer. 

Free of artificial dyes, colors, and alcohol, the serum is suitable and safe to use for all ages and skin types. It not only yields a youthful appearance, but also improves dermatologic health. With hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient, the serum reduces inflammation, heals wounds, and allows for maximum skin hydration. According to infiniteserum.com, “Hyaluronic acid is known for holding 1000x its weight in water,” allowing water molecules to stay on and in the skin for extended hydration. 

When asked about what inspired her to create the serum, Sergent explains when studying the skincare process she noticed, “there was a missing link. People weren’t treating their body the way they were treating their face.” Sergent elaborates on common facial skin care practices and products, “We use cleansers, scrubs, toners, serums, and lotions. I wanted [that kind of care and] deep hydration on my body so I started using face serum on my body.” Once she realized that she could not find a serum on the market large enough for full body use, Sergent got to work. 

“I made it for people like us that have dry and imperfect skin...to maintain a youthful appearance” -Randalene Sergent

Infinite Serum ® can be found in many dermatology offices and establishments that offer cosmetic procedures across the Vegas valley, such as Revenge MD. 

Visit infiniteserum.com and IG @infiniteserum to learn more.